For Sex or Revenge

The elite New Jersey town of Reservoir Oaks will never be the same. Tracy Nickels, wealthy businessman Paul Huffington’s latest conquest, is pregnant with his child. Tracy, rather than “resolving” the issue, visits Paul’s wife, Grace. The steamy relationship that develops between Tracy and Grace is just the start of the illicit events that turn Reservoir Oaks upside down.

George Kane recovers from a three-month coma, and is now in a position to reveal earth-shattering secrets he learned before his “car accident.” George’s reawakening threatens the futures of some of Reservoir Oaks leading citizens who have been running a Colombian-inspired drug cartel. George’s near death experience also gives him insight into the afterlife, and he uses that knowledge to bring down the operation.

This fourth volume of the Pamela Series wouldn’t be complete without Pamela Castle. Pam’s amusing antics and quick-witted mouth leave the reader laughing out loud. Pam’s new friend, Lucy, an aspiring singer with a penchant for poker, adds to the hilarity.

The combination of sex, intrigue, and laughs make For Sex or Revenge Amy Minty’s best novel to date.

About the Author

Amy Minty has authored the novels, For Better or Money, For Love or Sanity, For Sink or Swim, For Sex or Revenge and For Strip or Gamble, and her first non-fiction work, Dare To Do Nothing.

Amy’s mission is to inspire women to find their inner power, beauty, and strength by encouraging them to take pride in who they are, without yielding to traditional societal pressure.

Amy currently lives in North Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, Ron.