For Love or Sanity

Descend into a world of sex, drugs, and other addictions in Amy Minty’s riveting new novel, For Love or Sanity. This dramatic new piece of erotic fiction follows the tantalizing story of one couple’s relationship as it evolves and unravels over two decades.

The year is 1997, and exotic dancer Pamela Castle falls hard for a client. So despite their seventeen year age difference and Tony Napoli’s status as a married man, the two begin a torrid affair that pushes both their boundaries. After a few short months, however, Tony is forced to end things between them due to pressure from his jilted wife.

Fast forward to 2010, and Pam’s relentless pursuit to track down Tony has resulted in a rekindling of their white hot romance. But this time around, it’s Tony’s dark sexual desires that threaten their newfound happiness.

As Pam delves deeper into Tony’s world of hardcore porn, happy ending massages, and drugs, she enlists the help of an old flame to discover the extent of Tony’s deprivations. As Pam struggles to decide whether she can live with her lover’s horrifying appetites, it soon becomes clear that everyone has secrets.

About the Author

Amy Minty has authored the novels, For Better or Money, For Love or Sanity, For Sink or Swim, For Sex or Revenge and For Strip or Gamble, and her first non-fiction work, Dare To Do Nothing.

Amy’s mission is to inspire women to find their inner power, beauty, and strength by encouraging them to take pride in who they are, without yielding to traditional societal pressure.

Amy currently lives in North Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, Ron.