For Better Or Money

Pamela Castle is working in a popular West Village restaurant, when she meets Robert Trombetti. Robert is a simple guy born and raised in Long Island. He enjoys concerts, smoking pot, drinking Bud, and the occasional game of handball. Pamela hates garage bands, despises recreational drugs, and is perfectly happy to spend every night sipping dry martinis on the East Side. Pamela, a woman with a past, lives on the edge. Robert doesn’t know an edge exists. Despite their differences, there is a strong attraction, which keeps them together.

Two years later, harsh reality hits twenty-seven-year-old Pamela during the wedding of her best friend, and she instantly assumes that being married to Robert will make an impractical relationship suddenly fantastic and fulfilling!

Her latest job is at one of Manhattan’s most run-down lounges, Lime Bar. Highly emotional and completely obsessed, she plots and schemes with her two coworkers and convinces Robert to marry her. In the midst of her wedding planning, however, she meets Jake Hennessy, a compelling stranger who saunters into her work place. Charming and sexy, he has a litany of strange requests, which he generously rewards in the form of hundred dollar bills. Intrigued by the odd behavior and motivated by the money, Pamela explores Jake’s darker side, keeping these activities secret from her fiancé, sensing he wouldn’t understand, much less approve.

FOR BETTER OR FOR MONEY portrays the crazy things humans do when they feel rejected and lonely, what lengths they’ll go to in hopes of feeling loved and appreciated. It examines the distinction between right and wrong, and . . . necessary.

About the Author

Amy Minty has authored the novels, For Better or Money, For Love or Sanity, For Sink or Swim, For Sex or Revenge and For Strip or Gamble, and her first non-fiction work, Dare To Do Nothing.

Amy’s mission is to inspire women to find their inner power, beauty, and strength by encouraging them to take pride in who they are, without yielding to traditional societal pressure.

Amy currently lives in North Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, Ron.