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  • Valentine’s Day - Why is this “holiday” still around? Thanks Hallmark! Thanks so much for keeping it on your wall calendars and hyping it up each year with your variety of ridiculous cards. Valentine’s Day. Haven’t we gals gotten a little bit wiser? Until we’re all on board, men are simply forced to follow the rules. We all [...]
  • Cycle Bar—6 a.m. - Let me state for the record that I am a month away from turning 46, and I have never taken an exercise class earlier than nine in the morning. I prefer noon, in fact. I come from a long background of working nights—going to bed at five, not waking up at five. So, I have [...]
  • All Pours Are Not Created Equal - I’m a positive thinker, but I’m also jaded. It’s a good balance, and the combination works for me as far as getting through life, but it doesn’t always work in restaurants when I sit down for a glass of wine and some dinner. I’m not sure if it’s just me, and I’m truly cursed, or [...]
  • Allure Magazine “Sex up your bedroom” - Well, sitting around writing erotic fiction all day tends to make you curious about other magazines’ ideas and thoughts regarding sex. This led me to read an article in Allure Magazine not too long ago. Not my favorite reading material, by any means, but helpful when choosing appropriate eyeliner in a pinch. Anyway, it was [...]